In a court room the judge has the last word, and those appearing before the judge must accept their judgement.
Here are 5 questions I ask you to judge.

Question 1 ≈ Chapter 6 & 7

I ask you ...
When you're assaulted, you lay a complaint, the offenders admit to the assault.
Would you expect the police to lay charges?

Question 2 ≈ Chapter 15

I ask you ...
A police officer gives you permission to drive away.
Do you think you're allowed to leave?

Question 3 ≈ Chapter 21 & 22

I ask you ...
Can owners be trespassed from their own property?

Question 4 ≈ Chapter 22

I ask you ...
Can the public use your property without your permission?

Question 5 ≈ Chapter 7

I ask you ...
Is your property title nothing more than name/s on a piece of paper?