Crime Scene

With any crime, there is always a crime scene. The scene of this crime is Lake Horowhenua and its domain.

Crime Scene Map

Photograhic Evidence :

The map portrays part of the lake and its domain, the locations marked from 1 - 8 relate to the following photographs. Each location is marked from 1 - 8 in chronological order...

These photographs are not the best quality as they are photocopies of originals produced in court for evidential purposes. What is critical is the content not the image quality.

Photo 1

Date 2003 : Chapter 2 : To make it easier to launch their boats, sailing club members constructed this causeway 70 metres into the midst of the lake. It was the lake owners who covered the cost of its removal.

Photo 2

11 Feb 2013 : Chapter 6 : The police refused to investigate this vandalism to Phil Taueki’s vehicle, a night he was held in custody, even though CCTV footage monitored access to his property.

Photo 3

6/12/2013 : Chapter 9 : Emerging from the lake smothered in weeds, this trailer is used by Horizons to launch their motorised boat. Horizons is responsible for enforcing bio-security regulations.

Photo 4

23/3/2014 : Chapter 11 : After rowing club members removed boats belonging to the property owners, the police put in place a 24/7 scene guard to keep the owners out of their own buildings.

Photo 5

10/10/2015 : Chapter 16 : Not long after the owners occupied their own buildings, vandals smashed every window in the southern domain building (former sailing club building). The Maori flag flying above, was stolen.

Photo 6

13/12/2015 : Chapter 17 : Even though a judge warned a police prosecutor that the rowers were not to move back into the northern domain building (former rowing club building), yet the rowers returned.

Photo 7 / CCTV footage extract

30th August 2015 :
Frame 1   CAM 3 - Time 09:31:38 Phil Taueki Red Ute /Truck enters frame 1 (Drives into his drive way)
Frame 2   CAM 3 - Time 09:31:39 Phil Taueki Red Ute /Truck enters frame 2 (Drives into his drive way)
Frame 3   CAM 2 - Time 09:31:48 Councillor Jo Mason White Toyota Van enters Frame 3 (Arriving at the rowing club car park)
Frame 4   CAM 2 - Time 09:31:50 Councillor Jo Mason White Toyota Van enters Frame 4 (Pulling into park at the rowing club car park)

CCTV photographs facing south and east. Tyre marks on the footpath : Cam 2 frames 3-4 : Establish it was impossible for Counciller Jo Mason’s white Toyota van to arrive before Phil Taueki red ute/ truck left the scene.

Photo 8

11/1/2016 : Chapter 18
Frame 1 : Domain entrance
Frame 2 : Domain entrance sign
Frame 3 : Approaching : T intersection
Frame 4 : T Intersection

Series of photographs taken at the domain gate and T intersection, establish it was not possible for rowing club members to witness the assault while entering and driving through the domain. The assault occured outside the northern building (former rowing club building) this building is obscured by the foliage seen in the photographs.