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“What may be written about is both innocence and guilt, or for that matter the ‘unproven’ cases in our courts. This may well be uncomfortable for one party or another, but it is part of the process of open justice and even wider considerations of freedom of expression.”

Sir Grant Hammond ; Anne Hunt v A CA 114/06 (2007) NZCA 332.

Much of the material for this book is sourced from court judgements, transcripts, affidavits and legal submissions that Philip Dean Taueki has lawfully made available to the author.
Video footage, photographs and audio tapes recording numerous incidents have been retained to establish the veracity of various incidents described in this book.
Reasonable steps have been taken to establish the accuracy of the spelling of names, the location of heritage sites and all other information contained in this book.
Considerable attention has been taken to establish the authenticity of the pre-Treaty account but this will always remain the stuff of legends and has been treated as such.
The author makes no apology for writing this book from the perspective of the Taueki family. Phil Taueki bears no grudge against those who fought valiantly for causes they thought to be just, including the warriors of Ngati Toa. Major Kemp also tried to redeem himself prior to his death in 1878.

Photographs in the evidential section of the website are the best reproductions possible, given that some are taken from CCTV footage and others are based on photocopied material.
Finally, the author asks readers to accept the spirit in which this book was written. Anybody who takes umbrage should place themselves in the shoes of Taueki, and realize that this is a story that deserves to be told. If there are to be further battles in the courtroom, the author has taken the precaution of relying on legal privilege by reproducing copious extracts from court judgements, transcripts and evidence produced in court.

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