Violence, vandalism, property theft, identity theft, eviction, death threats. Nothing has deterred Phil Taueki from his duty to protect his ancestral lake.

Anne Hunt Reports :

The crime I discovered is serious. Why the cover-up? It piqued my curiosity. No self-respecting journalist can resist the temptation to ferret out the facts! Over seven daunting years, I recorded every violent incident, every death threat I received, every arrest, every court hearing and every outcome.

Then I wrote this book to freely share with you the evidence so that you can join me in this investigation. Who is the thief? Who are the aggressors, the trespassers? Who lied? These are disturbing issues I raise. Propaganda must be purged. Justice evaporates without a bedrock of truth. Democracy falters when honourable people stay silent.

This book captures a defining hiccup in New Zealand’s history.